When to start using wrinkles and eye contours?

Crow’s feet? Do you wrinkle every time you smile? Laughing, gesturing and talking are clear enemies for your skin to stay smooth but nevertheless, we are not going to stop doing it! The solution? Anti-wrinkle creams and eye contours, but do you know when to start using them?

Do I start with my wrinkle cream?

If you went to Asia they would tell you that it is too late to start using wrinkle creams, Asians have been using them since they were 10 years old! Crazy? You can, but nevertheless, look at her skin: enviable.

We are not going to exaggerate but it is true that the sooner we start to protect our skinThe longer we will wear absolutely smooth skin.
Protects the skin from youth with an antioxidant and detoxifying action, increasing the energy of skin cells by 40%. And if you combine these cares with photoprotectors, the aging of your skin will not be premature. This is the first step to having a wrinkle-free skin.

We each have a different complexion and there is no established rule but experts say that a good age to start would be from 25 to 30 years old, which is when the wrinkles. eye! If your skin is very dry, it is likely that at this age some wrinkles are already beginning to appear. Be very constant and follow your anti-wrinkle treatment to avoid them. However, if your skin is more oily, you may be able to delay using wrinkle creams.

Do I use eye contour?

It is essential that you distinguish the Anti-wrinkle cream of eye contour. Always avoid applying anti-wrinkle cream in the area around the eyes, it can be counterproductive. The skin around the contour is very fine and sensitive and if we apply creams that are not specific for this area, we can create problems such as fat lumps or cysts. Therefore, it is essential to avoid wrinkles in this area, use an eye contour morning and evening.

If you want to know which are the most recommended products to start using anti-wrinkles and eye contour, visit our gallery “The first anti-wrinkles and eye contours“.

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