Turek: “Let’s focus attention on public education”

Month of fight against breast cancer

Within the framework of the celebration of month against breast cancer, Dr. Alejandro Turek expressed: “Let’s not look at how many new drugs there are, or how long they keep the disease spread in multiple organs in a stable situation, or how long they offer survival. Let’s focus our attention on public education ”.

“It is imperative to arrive earlier, much earlier. That means achieving a cure without sequelae, without losing the patient’s personal, family and work project ”, he said.

For the medical specialist in Oncology, “five minutes of daily public information can save many lives. We lack education in health status, information, dissemination, legislation, commitment, culture of medical care and awareness ”.

20,000 women per year receive this diagnosis in Argentina. 6,000 die of advanced breast cancer per year in the country. Only one man for every 99 women receives the same diagnosis, according to data from the World Health Organization.

“Advances in diagnostic methodology and technology are immense, modern mammography is essential for detection and timing. The knowledge and developments of potentially curative therapies, the documentation of the basic research that seeks new therapies and the clinic that applies them until they reach approval is undeniable. We have surgical, radiation and pharmacological techniques that offer high cure rates and prolonged control never before achieved. But we are far from content with that because we lose 6,000 women each year to breast cancer, “concluded Turek.

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Courtesy, Mariela Blanco

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