Turek: «Childhood cancer can be successfully treated in a high percentage»

Childhood Cancer Day

Asked about the causes of childhood cancer, Dr. Alejandro Turek, a specialist in Oncology (UBA), said: “The causes are almost entirely genetic. At that age there are no accumulation of carcinogenic effects of habits and lifestyle, unless minors are continuously and seriously exposed to environmental toxic factors “.

“The most frequent is acute leukemia, tumors of rare appearance in adults or some types of lymphomas. Childhood cancer therapies are absolutely regulated, the specialists in hematology and pediatric oncology in Argentina are exceptional, the rates of cure and control of cancer are very high, 80-85% in acute leukemias just to give an example, and access to these therapies is very good in the large public hospital centers of the national pediatrics, where it is advised to carry out their treatments “he added.

In relation to the symptoms, he highlighted: “Fever, repeated infections, tiredness due to anemia, bleeding, fast-growing tumors in the neck, abdomen or pelvis, painful testicle, are just some of the alerts that parents and doctors should take seriously as elements of suspicion “.

“To immediately refer to the second opinion consultation with the specialist pediatrician and not delay the eventual diagnosis of certainty and immediate antitumor and pallitive therapy. Childhood cancer it is a very serious situation, but it can be diagnosed quickly and treated successfully in a high percentage, he concluded.

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By Mariela Blanco

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