Some truths we must learn

30 tips for life

  1. That there are always three focuses in every story: my truth, your truth and the truth.
  2. That it takes a long time to become the person I want to be.
  3. It is easier to react than think.
  4. That we can do many more things than we think we can do.
  5. Our circumstances do not matter, the important thing is how we interpret our circumstances.
  6. That we cannot force a person to love us, we can only be someone who loves. The rest depends on the others.
  7. It takes years to develop trust and a second to destroy it.
  8. That two people can observe the same thing, and see something totally different.
  9. That honest people are more successful over time.
  10. That we can write or talk about our feelings, to alleviate a lot of pain.
  11. We are all responsible for our actions.
  12. That there are people who love me very much, but do not know how to express it.
  13. That I can do everything or nothing with my best friend and always enjoy the moment.
  14. That sometimes the people we least expect are the first to support you in the most difficult moments.
  15. That maturity has more to do with the experience we have lived, and not so much with the years we have completed.
  16. That there are two days of each week that we shouldn’t worry about: yesterday and tomorrow. The only precious moment is now.
  17. That although I love people very much, some people will not return that love to me.
  18. That you don’t have to compete against the best of others, but rather compete with the best of me.
  19. That I can do something on impulse and regret it for the rest of my life.
  20. The passion of a feeling quickly disappears.
  21. That if I don’t control my attitude, she will control me.
  22. That you should never tell a child that their dreams are ridiculous, what if you believe me?
  23. That it is more important that I forgive myself than that others forgive me.
  24. That it doesn’t matter if my heart is hurt, the world keeps turning.
  25. That violence attracts more violence.
  26. That telling a half truth is worse than a lie.
  27. That people who criticize others will also criticize me when they have the opportunity.
  28. That there is a lot of difference between perfection and excellence.
  29. That it is much better to express my feelings, than to keep them inside me.
  30. That at the end of life I realize that the only things that were worthwhile are: my loved ones, my faith, a very select group of friends and some experiences that gave me personal growth.

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