Palladium Hotel Group invites you to travel to its destinations without leaving home

Traveling without leaving home is possible. And to help make it a reality, Palladium Hotel Group launches Palladium TV, a new television channel with its own exclusive programming, with which the Spanish hotel group wants to invite everyone to let their imaginations fly and dream of continuing to travel while they are sheltered. in the comfort of their homes.

This project, which was initially planned solely for consumption exclusively on the televisions in all the rooms and suites of the 48 hotels of the group, is now being released open, through an exclusive online version, accessible to everyone and from any device completely free of charge.

It can be viewed from a playlist with all the contents from the corporate YouTube channel of Palladium Hotel Group and from the Palladium TV website.

Also available in its version in English, this television channel will feature a wide variety of audiovisual content focused on life inside and outside the hotels in each of the territories where the group is present. Thus, everyone will be able to continue living, in another way, everything that each of the destinations and accommodation offers without leaving the sofa at home.

It can be enjoyed as traditional television content with a predefined schedule, or also on demand where you can select the content you want to see at any time. In this way, Palladium Hotel Group has wanted to contribute another grain of sand to help make the situation that everyone is having to live more bearable, and encourages travelers to continue designing and planning their next vacations and trips .

This is how Iñaky Bau, Corporate Marketing Director of Palladium Hotel Group explains: “Millions of people around the world have been in our homes for a long time and we have had to change our plans and adapt our daily routines. What we intend from Palladium Hotel Group is to make quality content available to the public about the world of travel, wellness and leisure, in addition to teaching a little more about all those destinations where we have hotels and, at the same time , to have the opportunity to better explain the wide range of unique experiences that we offer in our establishments and to tell beautiful stories about places, cultures and people ”.

In addition, on the new television channel he adds that “Palladium TV is the result of the work and effort of analyzing and knowing the behavior and tastes of our followers and clients, in order to offer them relevant and interesting content that helps them improve their planning of future trips, as well as expand knowledge about local cultures, destinations and about the more human and personal facet of the employees who work in our hotels ”.

An offer of content for all audiences

As of August, the channel will once again be available exclusively in the 48 hotels that the group has in the six countries in which it operates, where it will be able to be seen on the televisions in each room and suite and also on the personal mobile devices of each guest, through the internal wifi portal available at all resorts.

The new television channel will have a wide and diverse range of content for both the youngest and the oldest, as well as for those who travel as a family or travel alone, with friends or as a couple.

In this sense, to publicize the essence of the destinations, as well as the culture and local gastronomy, it will have a special relevance within its Palladium Globe-Trotters grill, a program that will show the most iconic corners, beaches and routes of each destination with the help of local expert collaborators. Documentary Series will have informative and informative content in a very modern and high-quality documentary format where current topics on social responsibility, the environment and local cultures, as well as folklore and mythology will be found.

The younger audience will also have their space through Palladium Kids and Palladium Teens. Both programs will offer capsules starring young presenters who will talk about the services and facilities aimed at the little ones. In addition, so that users learn a little more about the people who take care of them when they are in hotels, Our Cast will narrate the personal stories of some of the group’s collaborators who live in different parts of the globe.

Thus, up to a total of eight programs with totally different content, dynamic, visually very attractive, modern and very rich in information that will include reports on a wide variety of topics. Among them, there will also be a space for discussion in a gathering format, where several guests will comment on everything they have seen and experienced while staying at the group’s hotels.

In short, a program highly committed to the current traveler that will make Palladium TV a definitive tool to improve the travel experience and the satisfaction of all customers.

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