Oils and spices with a very Cuyo flavor

The 13th edition of the regional food, tourism and crafts fair that every year brings together the entire country around the originality and quality of Argentine products with territorial identity, it comes with everything. This is how it manifests Norberto Muravnik, owner of Pasrai, a company based in the Mendoza town of Maipú with an outstanding track record in the fruit and olive market that last year won the first prize for extra virgin olive oil from the Taste Experiences Contest with its “Fifth generation” brand.

“It is our star and we manufacture it in a limited unfiltered edition. Our customers look forward to this time of year to buy it. Its particularity is that it tastes more like olives, because being unfiltered, the particles of the fruit remain in suspension “says Muravnik, who also produces dried raisins, tomatoes and chili peppers, olive oils flavored with garlic, orange, oregano, basil, rosemary and lemon.

But the borders of this olive producer go beyond oil. Pasrai also offers its SPA Line, which includes body creams, solid soaps and exfoliating gels, among others. “I always tell tourists that, if she lived, Cleopatra would come to buy our body oil because it is spectacular”says Muravnik proudly.

From the province of Mendoza the firm also arrives at Caminos y Sabores Whose Aromas, with its dried fruits and spices under the brand Aromas Gourmet, oils, aceto and Castiglione Vecchio vinegars and Palacio San Jacinto wines. “A good olive oil initially has to be authentic, that is, extra virgin. That implies low acidity. Then there is the taste of each person, some prefer oils with greater heat, others milder. In our case, we work with olive blends because we consider that we have more richness of aromas and flavors “, He says Sergio patta, president of the firm.

For the new edition of the fair, Cuyo Aromas already prepares all the presentations of spices, seeds, condiments, aromatics and mixtures, as well as dried fruits, olive oil, grape seeds and balsamic vinegar. Patta does not forget that in the previous edition several products were sold out before the end of the fair. “Our San Carlos oregano is in high demand and we never get enough of what we carry because we offer it at a very good price in family presentations of 200 and 500 grams. Then the classic spices follow: ground chili, smoked paprika, Provençal and in recent times the demand for seeds has increased a lot: sunflower, chia, flax and sesame “, lists.

In Paths and Flavors, Cuyo Aromas will also teach. The company will not only offer a tasting of dehydrated tomatoes but will also explain how to make them. “Visitors will learn to make a very simple, healthy and delicious preparation”promises Patta.

Stories based on a love of quality

Cuyoaromas SA was born in 2008 with the idea of ​​adding added value to primary productions (oregano, walnuts, rosemary, thyme). The company started with a list of 20 products and today it works about 250, with more than 800 different presentations. It has a presence in 20 provinces and supplies the horeca channel, supermarkets, delicatessens and has a healthy snack line.

It is the fourth year that the company participates in Caminos y Sabores and it does so because it is its opportunity to reach consumers directly and communicate with them: receive criticism, advice, needs and also praise. “We have many clients who seek our booth year after year. Being an SME is not easy, everything costs much more and the possibilities are not plentiful. That is why we must compete with service and quality to maintain ourselves over time “says Patta.

Pasrai is a family business with 25 employees between its dehydration and olive plants. “He was born in 1920 when my grandfather came from Ukraine after the First World War. In Mendoza he met Italians and Spaniards who taught him the trade. The firm had my last name until 1995, when I associated with Horacio Illardo to grow in technology and export. We named it Pasrai, which is the union of the first three letters of raisin in Spanish and in English, because there it is written raisin ”, Muravnik explains with simplicity.

His brand “Fifth generation” arose in honor of his grandfather and with the idea that his descendants continue with the family business. “At that time none had been born yet, but I gave it that name thinking that my grandchildren would also dedicate themselves to this. Now I have an 8-year-old who has come to visit the plant since he was 4. We already taught you how to label and replenish the shelf. He says that when he grows up he will not need to study because he will sell oil with me. That reminds me that when I was 10 years old I was walking among the sheds and packaging of my grandfather’s farm “, says the businessman.

For Muravnik, the quality of its products also lies in keeping that family warmth intact. “To obtain a Premium oil you have to put the same love as our mothers and wives when they make the favorite food for their loved ones. That is, with the best raw materials, utensils and hygiene. That is the key here and anywhere in the world “, concludes.

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