Lavalle, the new setting for the innovative tourist

Today the trend is to innovate, and the search for originality and creativity is also reflected in the tourism field. Finding attractive and different settings is the new motto and the department of Lavalle, in the province of Mendoza, is positioning itself as the newest option for those tourists who enjoy adventure, culture and relaxation.

Just 36 kilometers north of the city of Mendoza, Lavalle is located as a unique ecosystem in which the desert is its main protagonist. With a natural environment made up of dunes and dunes, rivers and lagoons coexist in a unique contrast, surrounded by open forests of carob and chañares, where a large number of birds and animal species of the mountain live.

Lavalle has a total area of ​​10,244 square meters of surface, of which 93% is defined by the dry land area and the remaining 7% is constituted as the urban and rural area.

In order to attract lovers of new areas for sports practice, Lavalle was presented as one of the most innovative destinations during the Adventure Tourism Congress held in the city of San Rafael in which a range of activities was presented that There they can be done as horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking with the desert as a framework.

But in addition to its potential for sports, Lavalle has a rural tourism network that since 2007 invites visitors to know and discover one of the places in the world with the greatest cultural richness.

The site preserves and cares for its autochthonous inhabitants, made up of the Huarpe community, who arrived in the area in the mid-16th century and to this day retain their highest cultural and religious symbols.

Its artisan production is one of the most valuable at the regional level since they do not use any type of chemical in its production. Through the technique of spinning, leather goods, pottery and the manufacture of footwear made of bovine or goat leather, they make each of the pieces by hand and thus, they become unique objects and defined by their absolute sustainability.

Lavalle has 9 tourist ventures that include regional gastronomy, guided visits to fruit farms and vineyards, interactive cultural activities and homemade winemaking in totally artisanal wineries.

One of the most attractive options to get to know each of these undertakings is to do the cycling circuit, an activity that also includes the coordination of different cultural and religious events so that the tourist can know the attributes of Lavalle with all its potential and richness.

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