Infinite sports offer to do at home

These weeks of forced confinement have served so that habits and activities that were used as regulars outside the home, have had to change the place where they were held. The walls of our home have become an office or a makeshift gym in order to continue with our daily work adapted to the new situation.

It was common in previous months, to contemplate full gyms, or thousands of people exercising outdoors in parks or streets of multiple cities. As a general rule, and to try to stop the progress of the covid 19 pandemic, these activities are not allowed at present, and they must be carried out at home to try not to lose the physical form acquired months ago. It is even the case that thousands of people have resumed this physical activity that they had forgotten, thus trying to take advantage of the situation and try to make the hours of confinement pass as quickly as possible.

E-commerce of tools for sports at home has skyrocketed in recent weeks, allowing millions of people to have their own gym and continue with their daily routines. It is true that to carry out physical activity you do not have to make large expenses, since, depending on the chosen routine, elements that can be found in any house can be used as sports elements.

This is how it shows one of the disciplines that is having the most pull for more than a decade. Yoga allows the user in question to get in shape on a mental and physical level, only with the need to place a mat on the floor as a mat to try to imitate the movements of the experts that we can find browsing on any video platform or in social networks. This is where technology and new devices come in, since they will be the tool that allows us to carry out training sessions supervised by experts in the field, in this case in the world of yoga.

Another aspect that we can practice and that will allow us to do it jointly is called ‘box at home’. This discipline does not stop being boxing carried out with a partner or sparring, which will allow us to hold the places where we hit. Only with a pair of gloves and a clear routine will be necessary to get into this noble sport, always bearing in mind that it is a contact sport, and this fact makes it necessary to practice with extreme care so that none of the participants in that routine get hurt.

Chest, abdominal, or weight training exercises are other disciplines that will allow us to work muscle groups in a more specific way. In this case, these routines would be intended for people who need a greater physical demand. Although it is true that this stage of confinement can make many more people add to the need to practice sports and they can achieve demanding routines, thanks to their effort and dedication during these days of little normality.

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