How to make things happen

A bad partner called anxiety leads us to crave that everything happens quickly, by magic and that in the blink of an eye everything works. The momentum of the beginnings is exciting, but in that force we run the risk of being run over. Goals need two inseparable legs: clear goals and patience.

Fulfilling a dream is further from the fairy tale and closer to the reality of sacrifice. In an age marked by the culture of the instantaneous, we believe that it is possible to achieve short-term goals, but generally quite little happens.

The danger of having a successful and fast vision is that tolerance for frustration will be low. Then, as soon as the slightest problem crosses us, it will tend to abandon the objectives and that dream that we project runs the risk of remaining only a bad memory.

It is not an evil of a few. The poor projection to long-term plans is the evil of the time. To think about the culture of work we must go back to those immigrants in the early twentieth century who began their career as tireless laborers or workers and little by little, with extreme sacrifice and full dedication, they began their path to achieve stability.

So the context should not be separated from the trend. Undoubtedly, many values ​​and institutions are in crisis and therefore, it is not by chance that projects, goals or dreams want to be achieved overnight, without taking into account the search, the path, the successes and the failures that implies being able to obtain some aspiration.

What are some of the missing values ​​that lead to this tendency to think about the outcome without regard to the process?

One of them is commitment. Responsibility as a parameter is essential to achieve a goal: to be consistent between what is said and what is done with oneself and with the people involved; be orderly in the objectives and that the principal involved in the goal demonstrate his effort by working the same or more than his peers.

Another fundamental value is sacrifice. We can all be creators or have excellent ideas, but the most admirable art is to carry them out How many believed themselves to be the ideologues of enormous dreams, but in the face of the great work that they entail, they remained in words? It is that being creative is only part of the task. 90 percent of a dream is based on what we do for it and not what we say about it.

Recovering lost values ​​may be the first step in thinking about a dream. Being and doing are inseparable in order to achieve our goals. Projecting in the long term through the culture of work will be the best way for those ideas that we want to live turn into facts.

Ideals are realized doing.

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